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Crystal Fresh Deodorant Stick

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R 149.99

    Product Details

    Discover Crystal Fresh Deodorant Stick

    100% Effective – all day!


    No sticky oils or gels

    Lasts up to 1 year

    Hypoallergenic – ideal for sensitive skin

    No Aluminium Chloralhydrate

    This is a revolutionary concept in personal body care. Not a liquid gel or spray, it is precision shaped from real crystals of mineral salts. Different from common scented deodorants. Crystal Fresh is not a cover up. It is unscented and won’t clash with your favourite perfume. Crystal Fresh controls body odours completely, in a simple and natural way. Crystal Fresh keeps you odour-free and at the same time allows your pores to breath naturally. It is also colourless, so it does not stain clothes, and contains no Ozone- damaging propellants.