Pledging to Do More

At Natural Holdings, our values permeate not only through the products we source, but through to the communities we serve. Being Kind to All and committed to the preservation and upliftment of the planet and its people is at the core of these value. We believe in building a better future but cannot do it on our own. By working with great people like the Do More Foundation we can all Do More. Making a conscious choice to give back to those less fortunate may not single-handedly change the future of those in need, but the simple intention to give back no matter how small, has the power to affect the lives of those around you. And that certainly will make a difference.

Do More Foundation

As a brand from the Natural Product Holdings family, we are thrilled to announce that we have formally partnered with the Do More Foundation and believe in their approach to sustainable change and maximising project potential. They act as a catalyst for the public, private and NGO sectors to come together under one vision and guide the combined activities to effect change for young children and the communities in which they live.

Loved by Nature | Do More Foundation

Who are the Do More Foundation?

The Foundation places the young child at the center of their programmes and initiatives with the belief that if you can impact and uplift the life of a young child, you will in turn impact the household, which will ultimately positively affect the community. Households and communities are therefore seen as their key developmental partners as they increase their capacity to better meet the needs of young children through projects directed at food security, youth development, economic & skills self-sufficiency as well as specific early childhood development initiatives.

Loved by Nature | Do More Foundation

How we pledge to Do More

The preservation of our planet is at the core of our mission at Natural Product Holdings. It is important to us to find a way to give back, every day and for the long term. Natural Product Holdings has pledged to donate a percentage of monthly online sales from our Loved by Nature online store to the Do More Foundation. Each time you purchase from the Loved by Nature online store, you will be helping feed young children in our communities and contributing to the upliftment of these communities to become self-sufficient and self-sustaining. We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress made and the lives we touch. Together we can DO More!