Our story began in 2014 when the founders of Natural Product Holdings came across an Australian-born organic bamboo clothing & underwear brand and decided to bring it to our South African shores.

Loved by Nature | Our Story

Boody was the first ethically sourced and environmentally friendly product they introduced but it wasn't long before they realised that they were not alone in their passion for the environment and that more and more South Africans were looking for eco-responsible products and were becoming more conscious about how brands are being manufactured and the effects they have on our planet.

Loved by Nature | Our Story

It was at this point that we became hooked on sourcing more natural products that are healthier for our bodies and kinder to our environment.

We are proud to work with a team of predominantly women who are enthusiastic and committed to making a difference in the world that we live in and share our passion to and aim to delight our customers, the businesses we supply, and the community at large with the products and services we provide.