Eco and Ethics

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Eco and Ethics

How do you select your factories?

Our accredited manufacturing partners have been selected wisely after a long and careful process to ensure that our values and ethics are translated throughout the entire production process. We looked for factories that have a long term commitment to quality, the wellbeing of their workers and who can also guarantee a reduced footprint on the environment. 

Is Loved by Nature environmentally friendly?

We are passionate about having the lowest possible environmental footprint for both our garments and supply chain, and continuously re-assess our processes and supply partners.

Where are Loved by Nature products manufactured?

We spent many months searching for factories globally with the rights skills and equipment required to create products that we can put our Loved By Nature stamp of approval to, but also meet our strong requirements for sustainable production and ethical manufacturing. We now work closely with a number of manufacturers in the USA, Australia, Italy and China.